KEY History

A key lime slice of Florida’s past

This quaint and peaceful little key situated in the heart of the Florida Keys at mile marker 53.5 on US Highway 1, locally known as the Overseas Highway, is an island connected via a causeway with a very small bridge. This special key, called the “Gem of the Florida Keys” evokes Florida nostalgia and was carved out of mangroves in 1954.  Embracing a simple key island lifestyle that bridges retro canal bungalows (Known in the Fifties as Botels) with modern mediterranean inspired open water estates.

Vintage 50’s Photograph - East side of Key Colony Beach development in progress.

Vintage 50’s Photograph - Sadowski Causeway looking north to south, photo taken over US 1 intersection “just a path to the beach”

 History Tidbit:
 Botels - Two bedroom bungalows introduced in the Fifties, were located only a   
 few feet from the water and according to a developer of that time they“catered to the needs of the average fisherman, the family pleasure boat seeker or the housewife who does not wish to lose  touch with the kitchen.”  
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“The Gem of the Florida Keys” - Key Colony Beach- Established in 1957

Nestled in the Middle Keys at Mile Marker 53.5 - Florida Keys - USA

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