“Honestly now, What’s your Hurry? You’re Here,” beckons a sign on the key causeway as you enter this quaint little island that still evokes Florida nostalgia.  Only 857 residents call KCB home, but the population peaks to about 3,800 in midwinter.

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Private Inch Beach
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Sunset Park
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“Inch Beach” is an inch slice of paradise with palm trees, turquoise water and key coral sand.  A private and gated limited membership beach only a very short stroll from the No Bananas bungalow. Beach Membership included with rental.

“Sunset Park” is a tranquil and serene beach park perfectly situated for viewing spectacular sunsets every evening.  It quickly becomes a daily ritual to stroll down to the public park for an ethereal end to a perfect day in the keys.

A key lime slice of Florida’s past

Vintage photograph of KCB Motel - 1950

“The Gem of the Florida Keys” - Key Colony Beach- Established in 1957

Nestled in the Middle Keys at Mile Marker 53.5 - Florida Keys - USA

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