It’s an old fishermen’s superstition that bananas are bad luck on fishing boats. The tale originated from the early years when boats with bananas in cargo ran aground, got lost at sea, or lost many of their crew members, perhaps from slipping on banana peels. As a fisherman, the name seemed to fit our little keys bungalow, and we hope it brings good luck..... 
 oh... and my bride hates Bananas!

why No Bananas?

Be our Guests!

We don't consider ourselves Coastal Connoisseurs, but we are always ready for a trip or vacation on the water.  Over the years, we have traveled up and down the east coast from the Carolinas to the Florida pan-handle and throughout the caribbean.  Recently while vacationing in the Florida Keys we embraced the low-key island lifestyle and came across a little key and bungalow off the beaten path that we just couldn’t forget about. So we rushed back home and figured out a way to make it our very own AND of course to share. The NO BANANAS bungalow is now our favorite laid back destination! 

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“The Gem of the Florida Keys” - Key Colony Beach- Established in 1957

Nestled in the Middle Keys at Mile Marker 53.5 - Florida Keys - USA

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